Faster than Sea Freight, Cheaper than Air Freight

Rail Transport is the happy medium between airfreight and seafreight. It balances speed and cost. It is the perfect option for goods that need to be transported at a faster speed than seafreight and at a lower price than airfreight.

Weekly railfreight transpor has been operating between Europe and China since 2011. The „Eurasian Land Bridge“ connects through five different countries and has a northern and a southern route.

PanTerra Logistics works closely with long-term partners from our partner network, so that our customers receive the transport, pre-and posthaulage as well as customs clearance from a single source.

This provides ultimate efficiency, convenience and transparency for the customers

China Rail Benefits:
  • Transport costs are about 50% cheaper than air freight.
  • Transit timers up to 50% shorter than with transport via sea freight including pre- and posthaulage handling.
  • Over 90% less CO²-emissions.
  • Availability of common container types.
  • „Door to Door“ delivery service
  • Customs clearance by PanTerra Logistics or trusted local partners.
  • Delivery to and pick up from various Chinese cities


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