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Our specialists offer high flexibility, organizational abilities and extensive experience in trade fair logistics, nationally and worldwide.

Knowledge of all modes of transportation is needed in trade fair logistic services. Only with a high degree of flexibility, organizational ability, good nerves and extensive experience, is it possible to confront the usual chaos found at the exhibition grounds. Being on-time is our highest priority – which has proven to pay off. Our customers know what it feels like to reach the trade fair stand and have everything already ready… and experience this worldwide!

Trade Fair Services
  • Complete trade fair development (full service)
  • Worldwide project implementation
  • Extensive consultation, organization and coordination of transportation, handling and documentation
  • Transparent offer preparation and a clear time schedule
  • Personal contact and delegation on location of trade fair grounds

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Air Freight

We forward your goods to all major trading venues, worldwide on time, as agreed upon – general cargo, via direct flight, or as complete or partial charter.

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Machine Logistics

We will find the suitable vehicle to transport your machine, take care of the authorization, and know the trained transportation crew. Full service for the transportation of your machine.

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